Some Points About Us

Hamlin Trading PLC is an Ethiopian incorporated privately owned international trading and distribution company.

Hamlin Trading PLC started as a family business in 2011 focusing on agricultural and industrial inputs and machinery. The company has since grown and diversified into export of commodities mainly pulses, oil seed and spices. Hamlin Trading has a network of agents and business associates across the country and around the globe.

The Company has grown to become one of the most competitive industrial and agricultural inputs trading company in Ethiopia. Our business activities include import and supply of industrial chemicals, pesticides, and detergents whereas our export business entails commodity trading.

We have gained considerable market share and trust amongst our customers, suppliers and business associates.

The Management team has many years of experience in industry, trading, import and export of a wide range of industrial inputs and commodities. The core activities include sourcing, marketing and distribution of goods.

Our Vission

To be the market leaders in the supply of quality industrial and agricultural chemicals, commodity trading inputs and produce which meet the divers demands of our esteemed customers. 

Our Mission

To facilitate competitiveness of our customers by delivering quality products and services through an integrated sourcing, distribution and delivery systems.

Our Value



Hamlin Trading is committed to an unwavering position on quality. Our customers and demand reliability, consistency and above all delivery of the highest quality products.

We strive for continuous improvement.